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 Historical Vignettes
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   Unrest and Protest   

    A video summation of each protest movement researched by DUOC Public History students: the Vigilance Committee, the Black Panther Party, the Third World Liberation Front, the Occupation of Alcatraz, and Aids: Fighting for Equality.

   Defending the Bay   

   Check out this informational video on the history of military defense of the San Francisco Bay! Learn about 1800s California, the Nike Missile Sites, Batteries and Forts, the Coast Guard, the Bay during both World Wars, and Alcatraz.

   Migration History   

     Watch the population of the Bay grow and diversify in this video highlighting migration history in the Bay Area.

   Maritime History   

The History of the Bay Area is inseparable from the evolving relationship between mankind and the ocean itself. Learn more here!

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